Wedge House

Simple exterior geometry belies interior complexity

  • Type House,
  • Location anywhere
  • Area 1,938 s.f.
  • Status Prototype, for purchase
  • Date 2009
  • Collaborators

    Min | Day

A geometric primitive exterior form on the exterior belies a complex and playful interior. Asymmetric window placement complements the simple shape of the house. Pre-cut, modular structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the exterior walls reduce on-site construction time and provide a high degree of effective thermal insulation (alternative construction with Cross-Laminated Timber or conventional stick-frame are possible). The main house ‘wedge’ is clad in large, corrugated panels of Ondura while the square garage is clad in corrugated translucent polycarbonate panels. On the interior, a wood surface wraps certain floors, walls, and ceilings to thematically separate public and private spaces.

The Wedge House is a prototype designed to be adjusted for different sites. The first design is for the coast of Maine, and a version, the Wanaka Wedge House, was recently complted on the South Island of New Zealand. Originally available from, plans for the Wedge House may be purchased from Actual Architecture Co.


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Gingerbread Wedge House

Plans for a gingerbread house version of the Wedge House can be downloaded here.


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