Pocket Gems 1

  • Type Workplace,
  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Area 7,000
  • Status Built
  • Date 2011
  • Collaborators

    Min | Day

Taking advantage of large, existing skylights and an exposed wood structure, this commercial interior for a mobile game developer combines a fun and flexible office environment with casual spaces for play, relaxation, and work. Modular desks sit in the center of an open office surrounded by a lounge, glass-enclosed conference rooms, and a large open kitchen. Walls are painted in bright, brand-oriented colors or coated with white-board paint. The carpet, an index of activities programmed above with a nod to the pixel, is a composition of carpet tiles developed in our office using parametric software. Built on a fast pace with shoestring-budget, the office uses simple two-circuit exposed fluorescent lighting in an asymmetrical diamond grid to animate the ceiling between the existing skylights.

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Algorithmic carpet pattern diagram with control points.

Photography By Photographs by Bruce Damonte
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