Pocket Gems 2

  • Type Workplace,
  • Location San Francisco, CA
  • Area 35,600 s.f.
  • Status Phase 1 built
  • Date 2012
  • Collaborators

    Min | Day

Having expanded beyond the scope of their previous office (see Pocket Gems 1) we assisted our mobile game developer client in locating a much larger space with room to expand. Taking advantage of two large, existing light courtyards and the exposed structure, this commercial interior combines a fun and flexible office environment with casual spaces for play, relaxation and work. Modular desks are configured in an open office area established around the two central light courtyards and perimeter wall. Instead of a formal reception area, elevator lobbies open to large lounges with casual seating. Walls are painted in bright colors or coated with white-board paint. Following our design for Pocket Gems 1, the carpet, an index of activities programmed above, is a composition of inexpensive, standard carpet tiles developed in our office using parametric software.

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Cafeteria and all-hands meeting space

Photography By Photography by Bruce Damonte
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