Book 02: Bemis Center

A contemporary art center should break down barriers between artists and the public

Working with FACT, Actual Architecture Co. designed a framework plan and multiple projects for Bemis Center, an internationally recognized artist-in-residence program and a contemporary art gallery in Omaha, Nebraska. Following the institution’s goal to promote open dialog about art and civic engagement, we organized the diverse program around a series of public galleries, artist work spaces, artist-designed gardens, and public outdoor spaces in the center of the former warehouse district.

FACT and Actual Architecture Co. have completed several projects throughout a long-term relationship with Bemis. The most recent is LOW END, a new venue for artists working in and around experimental music, and a connected recording studio. Under construction now is the Grotto, an artists’ green room for LOW END. This book documents several projects and many years’ work by Actual Architecture Co. and FACT at Bemis Center. Purchase the book now from Actual FACT Books.


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Table of Contents

09 Working with BLUEBARN

15 The Client

21 Project Approach

24 Flexibility without Neutrality

40 Sustainable Urban Community

48 Loose Design Team

58 Handmade Digital Architecture

67 Project Process

68 Project Funding

72 Project Delivery

78 Project Data and Credits

82 Awards and Publications

84 About Actual Architecture Co. & FACT

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