Dundee Theater Patio

Color as a tool for placemaking

  • Type Cultural,
  • Location Omaha, Nebraska
  • Area 1,056 s.f.
  • Status Built
  • Date 2021
  • Collaborators

    Theater renovation by Alley Poyner Macchietto Architects

The Paul & Annette Smith Patio enhances the main entrance for the Dundee Theater, The historic cinema was renovated and run by Film Streams, an Omaha nonprofit “dedicated to enhancing the cultural environment through the presentation and discussion of film as an art form”. By introducing new clay pavers, built-in benches, planters, shade umbrellas, and movable tables and chairs to a desolate courtyard, the project softens and activates the outdoor space for cinema patrons, community members, and diners (Lola’s Cafe serves customers in the Patio where movable planters form a barrier in compliance with liquor license requirements). To create a striking contrast with the black and white buildings, and in reference to the early use of color in film, we unified all elements of the patio with a single shade of blue. Central to the design are the Dundee PenTables, designed by Actual Architecture Co. for Film Streams.

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Permanent benches flank an intimate space containing fabric umbrellas, movable tables and chairs

The west bench contains planter with perennial climbers that will eventually cover the wall trellis

Construction & Materials

Custom Benches: Cambia Ash, 5/4″ thermally modified timber; custom-color milk paint; high quality clear water-based finish, spray applied in studio; stainless steel planter liner; LED Neon strip light

Custom PenTables: Cambia Ash, 5/4″ thermally modified timber; custom-color milk paint; high quality clear water-based finish; stainless steel total-lock casters, non-marking wheels, glides, and fittings

Chairs: Vitra Tip Ton chair, 100% recyclable polypropylene

Pavers: Endicott Manganese Ironspot, clay pavers (Nebraska clay source)

Umbrellas: Shadescapes MA Filius, 8’-3” Square; Sattler fabric, Patina Blue; crank drive; silver power-coated frame; anchor tube embedded in concrete

Trellis: Jakob, wire rope trellis, stainless steel

Planters: PureModern, custom painted fiberglass

The Dundee PenTables

These unusual tables reinterpret the classic 1930 Parsons Table as a 5-sided table affording unexpected and fun combinations. We derived the precise shape from the Cairo pentagonal tiling geometry so the tables can be composed in a variety of arrangements supporting a multitude of social situations, from meals for two, to board meetings, to large dinners. Made of thermally-modified Ash with a multi-layered finish, top boards are attached with hidden fasteners and may be removed for deep cleaning or refinishing. The tables rest atop casters on one side and glides on the other providing a stable surface and ease of movement.

See the Dundee PenTables project in "Objects" for more images and information.

Patio Plan
Photography By Colin Conces
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