Book 04: Omaha Mobile Stage

Mobile architecture as post-pandemic creative placemaking

Actual FACT Book #4
Omaha Mobile Stage is a creative placemaking project to design and make a portable stage to serve as a cultural and economic catalyst in public spaces and main streets throughout the Omaha metropolitan area. OMS is a project of Partners for Livable Omaha, an Omaha-based nonprofit dedicated to the educational and charitable support of the live performing arts. In the Fall 2021 semester, FACT students from Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Nebraska, College of Architecture began working with PLO and wide range of collaborators to convert a salvaged, 18-foot box truck into a fully functional and equipped small capacity venue to serve communities throughout Omaha. Working with Actual Architecture Co., FACT completed the work in 2022 and the first season tour began in June of that year. This book documents the design, fabrication, and first performances of this important project for the city. Purchase the book now from Actual FACT Books.

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Table of Contents

08 FACT25, Omaha Mobile Stage

10 Introduction

14 Show Wagon

18 COVID-19 & The Arts

24 Placemaking & Equity

32 Designbuild

36 Design Concepts

84 Fabrication & "The Wrong Craft"

142 Setup Process

154 OMS Hits the Road

162 Community Development

164 Youth Engagement

166 Looking to the Future

170 Project Team & Credits

176 About Actual Architecture Co. & FACT

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