Sylvan Lake House

Site-specific modular construction on a Canadian lake

  • Type Residential
  • Location Alberta, Canada
  • Status Construction
  • Date 2014 - ongoing

This second home occupies a narrow lot on a large, recreational lake. A mute opacity on the inland side provides privacy and intimacy, while the the lake side opens to generous views and exterior space. A semi-enclosed courtyard brings light and air into the center of the house, a porosity which continues vertically through shafts that pierce the monolithic stacked-boxes. The material palate is minimal, with an emphasis on directing attention lake and surrounding woods. Exterior-glazed curtain walls punctuate shou sugi ban (charred cedar) clad walls. Glass is either projected or flush with the rough charred wood. Black steel tubes frame edges and walkable surfaces are clad with a light wood that matches the interior floors.

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Composition of simple masses

The house is a composition of simple masses with spatial intersections that create a complex interior environment. A semi-enclosed courtyard brings light and air into the center of the house and allows unexpected views into the garage to feature selections from a car collection. This indoor porosity continues vertically through shafts that connect floors and provide a counterpoint to the monolithic stacked-box appearance of the exterior.

View from road

Central axis from road to lake

Site-built and modular construction assembly sequence

Construction continues, June 2021

Progress...August 2021


Residential Design Magazine, v3. 2017

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