Fogscape – Cloudscape

Bright colors, pixelated patterns, and custom furniture animate a residential aerie

  • Type Residential Interiors,
  • Location San Francisco, California
  • Status Built
  • Date 2009
  • Collaborators

    Min | Day

Fogscape/Cloudscape is a pair or bedrooms and a shared bathroom in a San Francisco house inspired by the foggy city. Fogscape transforms from a workplace with a desk to a bedroom. The central feature of this space is the “Fog Wall”, a large rolling panel that reveals either the desk or the Murphy bed. One must choose either one or the other as the rolling panel always covers the bed or the desk. The hole pattern cut into the panels (reminiscent of San Francisco fog and the softening and blurring of views one experiences in the city) visually merges the door with the wall. The complexity of the piece is not evident at first and only becomes apparent after closer inspection.

Cloudscape is a studio and a place for daydreaming. The room features our Stones Table and custom designed, pixelated “Clouds”wallpaper. The Stones Table is a material and furniture investigation integrating parametric design tools and handcraft.


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Color Blocking

The bright colors in the three rooms are a nod to the “Jack & Jill” bedroom room suite that we were asked to redesign. The pink and blue of the bedrooms play on stereotypes of children’s rooms, while the luminous green bathroom relates to the treetops visible from the windows on this, the top floor of the house.

First prototyped for Fogscape/Cloundscape, the Stones Table consists of 6 unique components that individually can serve as an end table, sculptural object or reconfigure into a bench. The pieces are fabricated from cnc cut laminated sheets of Baltic Birch, with exposed edges shaped by hand.

Project Awards

• 2011 AIA Nebraska Citation for Interior Architecture
• 2009 AIA Central States Region Merit Award

Photography By Photographs by Bruce Damonte
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