Book 03: the NEw Attainable House

Housing is a human right

Actual FACT Book #3
In 2020 FACT and Actual Architecture Co. partnered with History Nebraska and 6 community development organizations to research and design new approaches to the affordable home for communities in Nebraska. 6 FACT teams, including students in the Graduate Planning Studio, partnered with the nonprofits to design prototype houses or complexes for locations in Omaha and Lincoln. The projects fit the nonprofit’s mission and respond to the needs of the specific community. The NEw Attainable House documented these collaborations in an exhibition of planning research, architectural models, and design images at the Nebraska History Museum from April to December, 2021. This catalog documents the exhibition and the 6 projects as well as two additional works, Box House One, a previous FACT project and the Patio House, a project of Actual Architecture Co. Purchase the book now from Actual FACT Books.


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Table of Contents

08 FACT 24, the NEw Attainable House

14 Introduction

18 Exhibition Design

24 Planning Research

33 Box House One

53 Hybrid House

71 Adaptable House

87 Common House

103 Core House

119 Neighbor-Type

139 Courtyard Common House

154 A Planning Perspective

167 Patio House

182 Policy Proposals

186 Project Team & Credits

188 About Actual Architecture Co. & FACT

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