East Lansing 2030 | Collegeville Re-Envisioned

  • Type Master plan,
  • Location East Lansing, Michigan
  • Status Concept
  • Date 2014
  • Collaborators

    Min | Day

Strong boundaries – campus edges, major roadways, and the river – both define East Lansing and separate the community. This urban plan proposes a series of spatial and experiential connections that tie the city to the Michigan State University campus and unite Michigan Avenue and East Grand River Avenue with the Red Cedar River. These linkages build on existing uses and amenities to generate density and strengthen identity. Extending from downtown to Spartan Stadium, Gather hosts mass celebration and events. Make fosters cultural production and technological innovation. Live brings residents of all ages together. Grow unites Valley Court Park and Beal Botanical Garden. Play catalyzes development through linked public open spaces.

Gather / Make / Live / Grow / Play was developed as part of the exhibition, East Lansing 2030 | Collegeville Re-Envisioned at the Eli and Edyth Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University.

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Site analysis, land use, connection opportunities, linkage diagram, and site plan: stitching town and gown, road and river.

East Lansing’s recent urban planning and design efforts reflect a broader shift away from sprawl and the strict separation of different uses. Instead, current zoning and development initiatives emphasize framing public space; fostering a mixture of different uses at different times; and concentrating activity and development in urban areas. MSU recently completed infill and densification projects along East Grand River Avenue, including the Broad MSU, with the aim of activating the edge between campus and city. The proposal expands these efforts, with each infill building intended to increase the density and connectivity of existing community activities.

Gather, a linear place for mass celebration and event and Grow, an urban agriculture / ornamental landscape hybrid.

Make, a place pf exchange and interaction: an attenuated grand plaza with new buildings incubating cultural production and technological innovation.

Live: a co-residental zone bringing together students, retirees, and residents of all generations.

Play: a series of public open spaces, parks and rain gardens that connect Grand River Avenue with the Red Cedar River.

Installing East Lansing 2030 | Collegeville Re-Envisioned in the Broad Art Museum.
Photography By Exhibition photographs: Aaron Word
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