Designed with the artist-collective Carnal Torpor, the CalmDome is a new form of public space which empowers and protects the creative impulse.

The CalmDome functions is as an environmental computing platform, allowing multiple users to engage both wireless interface objects and their own bodies to control a vast range of different software applications within a variety of different contexts, such as sporting, therapeutic, musical, and educational, as well as emergent new modes of creation and interaction. The piece is an inhabitable geometric construction based on a distorted Archimedean solid: a truncated icosahedron (a soccer ball geometry) with patterned exterior surfaces of precision cnc-cut MDF. Interior surfaces are lined with foam and wired with microphones, proximity sensors, contact speakers an a video monitor. The piece merges effects of the sounds and movements of inhabitants with computer-generated music.

The work has been exhibited at the Smart Museum in Chicago, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, and at galleries in Kansas City.

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Photography By Photography by Larry Gawel
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