3_4_5 Table

Infrastructure for living

  • Type Furniture,
  • Status Available for purchase and delivery in the USA.
  • Date 2016
  • Collaborators


Named for its 3 components, 4-sided bases and 5-sided tops, the 3_4_5 Table is a modular cocktail table set composed of 3 geometric solids of different sizes. The irregular, geometric solids fit together like puzzle pieces to form a large, 6-sided table, or they can be distributed around a room in different configurations. Designed for the Bucktown House in Chicago, the White Oak veneer and the facetted, angular forms directly relate to the permanent millwork that animates most rooms in the house. The table components are less furniture and more untethered architectural details, affording opportunities for reconfiguring space will maintaining clear formal and material connections to the surrounding architecture.

Inspired by everyday geometries, the 3_4_5 Table is infrastructure for living and working that recognizes our inherent desire to re-arrange space. Architecture need not be considered a static container.


A product of MOD.


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2022 AIA Nebraska Honor Award Jury Comments

The 3_4_5 Table was a joy for the jury to investigate and fully start to understand how these three forms come together so flawlessly. In addition, the flexibility inherent in the design allows it to be used a multitude of ways by responding so elegantly to the space in which it sits.

Project Awards

2022 AIA Nebraska Honor Award for Architectural Detail

Photography By Photographs by Paul Crosby
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