Dundee PenTable complete

Long Grain Furniture in Omaha recently completed a set of 6 table from our new PenTable2 series. For outdoor use, the Dundee PenTable, or PenTable2 reinterprets the classic 1930 Parsons Table designed by Jean-Michel Frank, here as a 5-sided table that affords unexpected and fun combinations. The tables can be composed in a variety of arrangements to support a multitude of social situations, from meals for two, to board meetings, to large dinners. See the Dundee PenTable project page for more images and information.

We designed the Dundee Table for Film Streams‘ Dundee Theatre in Omaha as a movable outdoor table set for the Paul & Annette Smith Patio where we also designed a matching pair of benches, scheduled for completion in 2021. The design is a variation of the PenTable originally designed by FACT for the Salina Art Center and revised by MOD, but never released.

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