Soft Stones at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)

MOD’s Soft Stones are featured in Design for Good: Architecture for Everyone at the Museum of Design in Atlanta (MODA). Curated by John Cary and based on his book Design for Good, the show features work by several important architects and offers people-driven, real-world stories about buildings that are designed and created with and for the people who use them. The exhibition reveals a new understanding of the ways that design shapes our lives. It gives professionals and interested citizens the tools to seek out and demand designs that dignify.

Design for Good: Architecture for Everyone opens to the public on September 23, 2018 and runs through January 20, 2019.

The Soft Stones are a seating set with 8 unique components. When composed, the pieces nest to form a rectangular block for lounging. When separated, the individual pieces become moveable seats, stools or tables that can be arranged as desired. Soft Stones can be appreciated in the sculptural in the sculptural individuality of each component or the changing overall form. The Soft Stones have a welded sheet metal core with a foam and upholstery exterior. See the featured page here.

John Cary’s first book The Power of Pro Bono include work by FACT.

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